Hydraulic Hoses

Industry’s Best Hydraulic Hoses Available at CB HYMAC

Top quality service means we use top quality components and materials for all repairs, rebuilds, and manufactures. When it comes to custom hydraulic hoses and couplings, we trust Cat® Hose Assemblies and Anchor® Hoses.

Factory-trained technicians at CB HYMAC utilize Caterpillar and Anchor’s high-quality assembly equipment to provide you with a robust and precise product customized to fit your needs. Each hose is cut to machine specifications upon customer order. The equipment includes:

  • Workshop Crimpers
  • Cutting Machines
  • Skiving Machines
  • Peripheral Equipment

Cat® Hose Assemblies

Caterpillar is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing hydraulic hoses and couplings. Hoses and couplings are engineered and tested above industry standards, as one full system to ensure the most reliable connection. The result: top performance and long life.

Anchor® Hoses

Regardless of machine brand, your equipment needs to operate at optimal performance. Anchor branded hoses are manufactured to the high-quality standards of Caterpillar. Each hose is cut to specifications and cleaned, using projectile cleaning, and tested.

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Hose Types

Caterpillar and Anchor offer high-quality custom hoses for various applications.

  • Braided Hose: Synthetic rubber tube, one or two braids of special high tensile steel wire reinforcements separated by layers of synthetic rubber. (Oil & weather resistant)
  • Spiral Hose: Synthetic rubber tube, four or six spiral plies of high tensile steel wire reinforcements separated by layers of synthetic rubber. (Oil & weather resistant)
  • Textile Braided Hose: Synthetic rubber tube, one or two textile braid reinforcements, synthetic rubber cover with all layers bonded.
  • Thermoplastic Hose: Elastomeric core tube, one or two fiber braid reinforcements special polyester cover with all layers bonded

Hydraulic Hose Shop at CB HYMAC

Does your Hydraulic Hose need repaired? CB HYMAC will certify, clean and cap your hoses within 30 minutes or less! We’ll remove contaminant particles from the inside of the hose, install new couplings, and cap off the hose ends to keep fluids clean and contaminant-free.

Request a hose repair today. Call CB HYMAC at 866-627-2737 or send us a message!

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