Component Rebuilds

Heavy Equipment Component Rebuilds

When certain components in your equipment break down and prohibit you from doing the work you do best, it’s not always an option to purchase a brand new machine. At CB HYMAC, we offer a much more affordable solution: heavy equipment component rebuilds.

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The Specifics of our Heavy Equipment Component Rebuild Capabilities

CB HYMAC is a division of Cleveland Brothers, the region’s top Cat® dealership. When we offer rebuilds and repairs, you can rest assured they’re always up to certified Cat standards. We perform fuel injector rebuilds to suit your needs, and our fuel injector test bench allows us to perform the precise component rebuilds that you require while maintaining speed, quality and affordability.

As a certified Cat Component Rebuild Center (CRC), we make it our mission to offer you high-quality options. Our expertise in rebuilding pressure pump plungers opens many improvement possibilities. We can apply oil and gas armor coating to bring your components to industry OEM chrome-moly product performances. Additionally, we’ve perfected an 8-12 micron finishing precision so that your equipment reaches its highest performance capacity.

The experienced technicians that make up our team can work with components from any leading equipment manufacturer on top of their extensive knowledge of Cat items. We offer engine component testing, services and rebuilds no matter what brand you bring to us. We’re proud of our ability to rebuild equipment components like pressure pump plungers from several well-known manufacturers without an issue: Cat, Axon Energy Products, FMC Technologies, Gardner Denver, SMI, Mission, Phoenix Global, WEIR SPM, KERR, Viking and OFM.


When you buy Cat equipment, you’re investing in the future of your business, knowing your heavy equipment is manufactured with the highest-quality parts and components available for long-term performance.

An added perk of all Cat machinery is that the components can be rebuilt several times throughout the machine’s lifespan. Heavy component rebuilds offer equipment owners the advantage of extending the longevity of their machinery and continually updating their equipment to the latest Cat engineering upgrades and system improvements.

The Certified Rebuild Center at CB HYMAC has the latest state-of-the-art equipment — like transmission test benches, cylinder repair tools, paint booths, and dynamometers — and a climate-controlled facility to perform expert heavy component rebuilds in accordance with the strictest Caterpillar specifications and guidelines. We work with our clients to schedule routine component rebuilds based on regular condition monitoring, fuel consumption and machine use.

Equipment placed under regular strain and demanding conditions will greatly benefit from regular component rebuilds. CB HYMAC performs a wide range of expert component rebuilds:

  • Powertrain rebuilds: Having your machine’s powertrain rebuilt will restore performance and improve efficiency and reliability. CB HYMAC rebuilds your powertrain to its original factory condition so you can get even more power out of your equipment. Our skilled and certified technicians will remove all existing powertrain components, rebuild the kidney loop of the hydraulic system, and completely rebuild the entire powertrain from the radiator to the final drives. Every piece of the powertrain is entirely disassembled and tested for maximum performance.
  • Hydraulic rebuilds: When your equipment is running smoothly, but it’s not running quite as efficiently as it once did, restore your machinery to like-new condition with a hydraulic rebuild. CB HYMAC specializes in several hydraulic rebuilds, including hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and valves. In our hydraulic shop, we completely restore all hydraulic systems and work to renew the performance of your equipment by thoroughly inspecting all individual components and testing each part for full efficiency and output.
  • Complete machine rebuilds: Recover the productivity and efficiency of your equipment’s factory-new machinery with our complete machine rebuilds. With our Cat machine rebuilds, we completely disassemble the unit and reassemble it according to the latest Cat cleanliness and performance specs to restore the engine or transmission to peak performance. Every machine rebuild is complete with the latest engineering updates so your equipment provides streamlined, efficient performance.
  • Heavy machine component rebuilds: When you purchase Cat equipment and opt for complete machine rebuilds, you’re making a solid investment in long-term durability and power. CB HYMAC restores your engine, transmission, torque converter, axle assemblies, or final drives to pristine condition. Our team will completely remove all necessary components and install rebuilt parts, then test everything according to Cat performance guidelines. With every heavy component rebuild, we ensure all of the latest upgrades and engineering updates are incorporated for the best long-term output.

CB HYMAC Can Expertly Rebuild Your Heavy Cat Equipment Components

Our many service branches are located in convenient, accessible areas throughout Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia, so you don’t have to keep searching for top quality rebuild service center. We specialize in power train, winch, crankshaft, power end and fluid end rebuilds, and you can rely on our decades of experience as a component rebuild center. When it comes to fast, quality services, we’ve got you covered. We keep an electronic storage of your service records so that we can spot breakdown patterns and avoid future issues.

Other benefits you’ll gain by partnering with CB HYMAC for your component rebuilds:

  • Services and repairs kept up-to-date with industry standards, achieved through our exclusive access to Caterpillar announcements, service bulletins, development updates and technical support
  • Hydraulic hose repairs completed in 30 minutes or less — quality certification, cleaning and capping done quickly for your convenience
  • Genuine Cat replacement parts used in all applicable instances to ensure quality
  • Fast location of even difficult-to-find replacement items for your equipment

Learn More About Component Rebuilds and Better Your Equipment Today

At CB HYMAC, we’ve offered component rebuilds within industries like government, manufacturing, construction, logging and more. No matter what industry you’re in, we can provide rebuild services suited to your needs. We have the know-how. All we need is an order.

If you want to partner with a repair shop that has more knowledge of quality Cat equipment than anyone else in the business, wait no longer. Get in touch with us to speak with one of our experienced representatives and find out more about the best component rebuilds for your business.

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