Hydraulic Services and Repairs at CB HYMAC

When you heavily rely on your equipment to get high-impact work done, it’s crucial to have a reliable hydraulic repair service near you to make sure your tools don’t hold you back. At CB HYMAC, we have experience providing hydraulic services to industries like mining, government, utilities, railroad, oil and gas, construction and more. We can offer you superior support to make sure you get the job done right.

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Specific Hydraulic Services Offered at CB HYMAC

At CB HYMAC, we offer a detailed inspection of every component of your hydraulic equipment, and our well-trained and skilled technicians have experience remanufacturing over 2,000 varied types of cylinders, valves and pumps. We also provide standard hydraulic and emulsion fluid testing up to 10,000 psi, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of routine fluid analysis to avoid component breakdown.

As a division of Cleveland Brothers, your nearby and authorized Cat® dealership, we have the know-how to work with hydraulic components engineered by Caterpillar and other leading equipment manufacturers. We use it to implement the hydraulic services you need most, including compression and load testing, electrical component testing and repair, pump and motor manufacturing and repair, and valve reconditioning. Confident in our certified Cat-standard work,we offer a warranty for all repaired components.

Other hydraulic services offered through our conveniently-located repair centers in Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia include:

  • Cylinder manufacturing: The hydraulic service and manufacturing we offer creates and maintains exactly the components most important to your equipment.
  • Hammer repairs and rebuilds: Our hammer pit and patented hammer test bench are top-of-the-line, making repair time quick through exceptional visual inspection and cutting-edge analysis capabilities. We service all makes and sizes.
  • Hoses servicing: We understand that every second counts, so in 30 minutes or less, we will build, certify, clean and cap your hoses.


Investing in dependable, high-quality equipment is one of the best ways to streamline and grow your local business and better serve your customers. By choosing Cat equipment and machinery, you’ve already taken a big step in creating value for your business and ensuring its success. But to maximize your investment and ensure a reliable and high-performance fleet of hydraulic equipment, you need to regularly inspect and maintain your hydraulic fluids.

CB HYMAC provides comprehensive hydraulic fluid testing and emulsion stability testing services to help our clients lower the cost of operating and maintaining their machinery. Oil and fluid sampling and analysis determines the overall health of equipment and can detect potential operational issues before they become a problem.

With oil and hydraulic fuel analysis performed by the trained professionals at CB HYMAC, every time your machine’s oil is changed and sampled after 500 performance hours, you will have:

  • Better peace of mind: Regular oil and hydraulic fluid sampling is one of the best ways to identify equipment health issues and reduce unwanted downtime.
  • Ongoing savings: Well-maintained equipment delivers more reliable and efficient performance while lowering operating costs, streamlining your operations and boosting profits.
  • Greater predictability and awareness: The results provided by routine fluid testing can help you schedule regular maintenance visits and determine necessary upgrades during downtime.


When equipment operates in demanding work environments, excessive wear and tear can cause engine components and other parts to release contaminants into the oil, hydraulic fluid, fuel and other fluids.

Hydraulic oil testing, emulsion fluid testing, and hydraulic fluid analysis tests for the presence and level of contaminants — like elevated iron, chrome and silicone — and provides further insight into the health and efficiency of your machinery. Several contaminants can advance damage to your equipment and cause excessive wear to hydraulic cylinders and other parts, leading to premature failure.

CB HYMAC uses advanced tools and equipment to thoroughly evaluate a variety of characteristics from all of our oil, hydraulic fluid, and other fluid samples, including:

  • Wear metals
  • Water
  • Fuel dilution
  • For eight particles
  • Soot and sulfur compounds
  • Viscosity
  • And more

With these fluid tests, our technicians will determine a baseline fluid quality factor. Using the latest fluid tests and our baseline readings, CB HYMAC can then evaluate fluid contamination levels, corrosion levels and equipment stability. When variances in the fluid quality present themselves, our team will then develop a proactive maintenance and repair plan according to your specific needs.


In the past, business owners had oil and fluid changes performed at routine intervals, usually after machinery showed signs of performance failure or low fluid level indicators lit up dashboards. Downtime during equipment maintenance was time-consuming and costly,  so it was simpler to delay fluid changes as long as possible.

Certain conditions like equipment run-times, extreme temperature fluctuations, and dirty or dusty work locations greatly affect the quality of oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and other fluids, accelerating wear and tear and requiring more frequent fluid changes. While equipment maintenance and repair is an inconvenience, your machinery relies on clean fluid and routine testing to streamline performance and guarantee long-term reliability and effectiveness.

Benefits of Choosing CB HYMAC for Your Hydraulic Service and Repair Needs

CB HYMAC is a hydraulic service company officially recognized as a Cat Component Rebuild Center (CRC). With a superior knowledge of Cat equipment, we do what it takes to ensure that whenever applicable, our components are genuine Cat parts. You’ll notice our ability to quickly locate even hard-to-find replacement components, and our unique access to information, service bulletins and technical support from Caterpillar make it easy for us to stay ahead of the highest industry standards.

More benefits of choosing CB HYMAC for your hydraulic service and repair needs include:

  • Electronically stored service records to become aware of trends in your requirements and avoid future malfunctions
  • Overall saved money through hydraulic services and repairs as opposed to replacing equipment
  • Guaranteed pricing and turnaround time

Take Advantage of Our Hydraulic Services, Manufacturing and Repairs

When it comes to quality hydraulic manufacturing, services and repairs at an affordable rate, CB HYMAC takes care of your equipment, so you can get back to doing what you do best. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable hydraulic services and to take advantage of our manufacturing and repairs.

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