Hydraulic Lifting Pumps and Jacks

Industrial Lifting Solutions Available at CB HYMAC

CB HYMAC – an authorized dealer of Simplex and Enerpac industrial lifting products – offers an extensive selection of hydraulic lifting solutions for a range of applications. From quick-to-use hand pumps to heavy industrial high force lifting equipment, CB HYMAC is your local resource for all hydraulic lifting solutions.

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Hydraulic Hand Pumps

Start working right away with hydraulic hand pump sets. CB HYMAC offers a wide variety of hand pump styles, reservoir sizes and flow rates to meet your everyday needs. Simplex and Enerpac hand pumps are built for tough environments such as ship yards, steel mills, construction sites, and weld shops. These industry-leading hand pumps are easy-to-use and built to last providing optimal performance while reducing operator fatigue.

CB HYMAC offers the following cylinder hydraulic hand pump options:

  • Composite Hydraulic Hand Pumps
  • Steel Hydraulic Hand Pumps
  • Aluminum Hydraulic Hand Pumps
  • Heavy Duty Hand Pumps
  • Low Pressure Hand Pumps
  • High Pressure Hand Pumps
  • Portable Hand Pumps
  • Cordless & Battery Powered Pumps

Speak to your hydraulic representative or contact CB HYMAC at 866-627-2737 to find the right hand pump for any hydraulic application.

Hydraulic Motorized Pumps

Keep fluids running consistently and smoothly through pipes and valves with motorized hydraulic pumps. Choose from Enerpac and Simplex hydraulic industrial pumps for smaller applications in workshops to larger heavy duty applications out on the field. Whether it’s crimping, holding, positioning, cutting, pressing, or lowering and lifting, you can expect high performance for any high-pressure application with crossover pressures up to 2,000 psi total psi of 10,000. These rigid units combine both motor and chassis and offer minimal flex and wear characteristics.

We offer a wide range of powered hydraulic pumps:

  • Electric Pumps – 19 to 100 cu.in./min @ 10,000 psi | up to 3 hp
  • Gasoline Pumps – 55 to 100 cu.in./min @ 10,000 psi | up to 5.5 hp
  • Air Pumps – 55 cu.in./min.@ 10,000 psi | up to 3 hp
  • Air Foot Pumps – 11 cu.in./min @ 10,000 psi

Choose a motorized hydraulic pump that meets the needs for your unique application. CB HYMAC experts can help you find the right one. Call today to speak to a hydraulics representative at 866-627-2737 or send us a message!

Hydraulic Lifting Jacks

Simplify lifting tasks with hydraulic jacks from leading brands such as Simplex and Enerpac. Compact hydraulic jacks are ideal for industrial environments involving maintenance, construction and material handling. The rugged jacks offer powerful lifting capacities to meet requirements for any applications.

Choose from a wide range of hydraulic lifting jacks:

  • Hydraulic Hand Jacks – 2 to 100 tonnage capacity
  • Hydraulic Toe Jacks – 2 to 10 tonnage capacity
  • High Pressure Air Lifting Bags – 1.1 to 74.1 tonnage capacity

Find the right lifting solutions for your operations. Speak to an expert hydraulic representative at 866-627-2737 or send us a message!

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