Our Equipment

At CB HYMAC, we offer a variety of machining, chroming and fabrication services to meet your needs. No matter the industry or application, our experienced engineers and technicians can design and manufacture components to machine specifications.

Machine Shop Equipment

Our complete machining shop features top-quality equipment from traditional hand cranked to computer numerical controlled mills, lathes and turning centers. Our wide selection of equipment allows us to machine components up to 11 feet by 7 feet.
milling machine

  • Summit Vertical Boring Mill with capacities of 7 ft. in height by 11 ft. width
  • Dorries Scharmann Mill with dual pallet 35,000 lb. capacity each
  • Doosan DBC Mill
  • Haas EC 1600 Mill
  • Okuma 5-axis Lathe
  • Doosan Lathe PUMA 400LM with live tooling capabilities
  • Milltronics ML26 Lathe with a 120 in. bed
  • Magnaflux MPI Test Equipment – Large crankshafts up to 2500 Quins


Hydraulic Shop Equipment

CB HYMAC employee operating control panel for machineThe hydraulic shop at CB HYMAC has the most versatile range of capabilities throughout the Pennsylvania region. We have remanufactured over 2,000 types of cylinders, valves, pumps and motors.

Our hydraulic shop is equipped with the following:

  • Hydraulic & Emulsion Fluid Test Bench – up to 10,000 PSI
  • Torque Capabilities – up to 100,000 ft. lb.
  • Hydraulic Pump Test Bench – 400 HP / 2500 RPM / 200 Gallon Flow
  • Nitrogen Charge Station – 850 PSI
  • Winch Test Bench – 125 hp  hydraulic & manual winch testing

Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair Equipment

Cleveland Brothers employee inspecting machine partThe CB HYMAC cylinder shop features equipment stations for honing, rebuilding, resealing, resizing, re-tubing and re-chroming.

Our cylinder shop features equipment that can handle cylinder honing up to 40 feet in length and 25 feet in diameter.

  • Assembly / Disassembly Bench – up to 70,000 ft. lb
  • Cylinder Hone Bench – up to 40 ft. length by 25 in. diameter
  • Cylinder Test Bench – up to 5,000 PSI
  • Cylindrical Grinding – 2,400 lb max weight, 24 in. X 120 in.
  • Platform Drill Cylinder Test Bench – Up to 75 ft.

Hammer Repair & Rebuild Equipment

Hydraulic Hammer Breaker PitWe service the widest range of industrial hammers. From repairs to complete rebuilds, our hammer rebuild shop outputs the highest quality of service work you’ll find throughout the U.S.

Our hammer shop features:

  • State of the Art Hammer Rebuild Pit – up to 10,000 lb. hammers
  • Hammer Test Bench with live tool loading –  up to 10,000 lb. hammers


Welding & Fabrication Shop Equipment

industrial crankshaft repair and rebuildsCB HYMAC offers unmatched expertise in welding and fabrication services. Our expert welders use the best equipment in the industry to provide the highest quality service and output.

Crankshaft welding and repair – 96 in. capacity / 2250 –Tri and 2500 Quins

Laser Cladding System – 2 in. to 30 in. diameter / 6 in. to 138 in. length

Bortech Auto Welders – up to 10 ft. diameter


Chroming & Polishing Shop Equipment

Chrome Tank on machineOur chrome shop features the largest chroming tanks in the region. CB HYMAC can chrome and polish cylinders up to 38 feet in height and 24 inches in diameter. Since 2004, we’ve chromed over 30,000 cylinder rods.


Quality Assurance Technology

For high precision and greater accuracy, CB HYMAC programmatically collects the exact measurements of an object using a Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) system. The system features point-to-point scanning on all three-axes to fully inspect the entire object.

We enlist the system during initial, mid-production and final inspections to ensure parts and components are machined to exact specifications. In addition to precise machining, collection of the electronic measurements allows for quicker reproduction of parts and faster inspections.